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The Goat is the original Cardiff board design and is now better than ever. Developed and tested as a split, the Goat Enduro is a durable solid that can engage on icy sidehills, make surfy, high-speed turns, and take you down big, intimidating lines the world over. Original artwork by Kyson Dana, portraying the fearless mountain denizen who inspired this board.

The Cardiff Halfcamber™ places camber where it is absolutely necessary and gradual rocker everywhere else. The result is maximum glide, maneuverability, and edge control.

Big float, small board: by placing more surface area under foot and a gradual nose rocker the patent-pending Halfcamber™ allows us to create shorter boards with more float.

BUTTERblunt nose & WINGtail

This nose and tail are designed to allow easy transition from side to side but massive float without the extra length and weight of traditional powder shapes. This creates the perfect nose and tail to pop and butter.

PERFECTpivot 3.0

Every Cardiff snowboard is uniquely designed to match the shape to the camber - resulting in a new standard of performance.

The Goat Snowboard

C$900.00 Regular Price
C$765.00Sale Price
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