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Winter Forecast 2024: What to Expect

As we bid adieu to autumn's colorful foliage, the whispers of winter begin to sweep through the air. For those who relish the frost-kissed landscapes and cozy evenings by the fireplace, the anticipation of what the winter of 2024 might bring is undoubtedly on the mind.

Snowfall and Precipitation Patterns

According to meteorological insights and early forecasts, the winter of 2024 is expected to bring diverse precipitation patterns across our region. Some areas may experience above-average snowfall, creating picturesque winter wonderlands perfect for snow sports enthusiasts. Meanwhile, other regions might witness milder conditions with intermittent snow showers, allowing for a balanced blend of winter beauty and ease of mobility. As it sits November 2023, Trends have not changed yet and we are still experiencing the same patterns of the previous few years.

Temperature Trends

Temperatures during this upcoming winter are projected to fluctuate, with periods of chilly cold interspersed with relatively milder spells. Depending on your location, expect a mix of crisp, frosty mornings and pleasantly mild afternoons. It's advisable to keep a varied wardrobe handy this season.

WET AND MILD: Labrador and the very eastern tip of Newfoundland will be the real outliers this winter, with average or slightly above-normal temperatures and below-normal snowfall. Keep the shovels and umbrellas handy, though: The season is still expected to be very wet, with periods of heavy snow and lots of rain.

Potential Weather Phenomena

While the overall outlook indicates a typical winter landscape, there's always room for the unexpected. Keep an eye out for weather phenomena such as El Nino, which is supposed to have arrived, but has not changed the current weather patterns. Sudden temperature drop mid March is hoped for again this season.

Preparing for Winter

As we gear up for the winter season, it's wise to prepare accordingly. Stock up on winter essentials like Boards, Bindings, Avalanche Safety Gear and Merino Wool Base Layers for those chilly nights. Ensure your winter gear— Boards, Bindings, Skins and Poles — are in top condition for any surprises Old Man Winter might throw our way.

Remember, while forecasts provide valuable insights, nature often delights in its unpredictability. Embrace the enchantment of winter, regardless of what the forecast predicts. Let's welcome the season with open arms, reveling in its beauty and finding joy in the unique experiences it brings our unique landscape!

Stay tuned to our blog for more updates and tips on navigating the winter season, and don't forget to visit Mantle Board Shoppe for all your Backcountry Winter needs.

Bring on the Pow!


Ryan C

Mantle Board Shoppe

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