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Winter 2020

We discovered an amazing new area in the Gulch, Wallace's Birches. As far as we were told we did the first descent on that line!

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Malcolm Rowe
Malcolm Rowe
Dec 29, 2020

For about 10 years or so, a mix of Townies and guys from Clarenville would spend a week during February in the hut at SW Gulch. Some years it was as many as 10 people. Other years it was just Jim Price and me. The Holy Grail was skiing the Tablelands. But you needed good snow and good light, which often you didn't have. So, far more frequently we skied the ridge that is on your right as you head up the trial toward the hut. The terrain, placement of the trees, etc was very much like that in your video. When the snow was bad, but the weather was good, we would tour around Green Hill and across the…

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