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Cardiff Snowcraft: #StandInHighPlaces #differentbydesign

We recently added the Cardiff Snowcraft lineup to the Shoppe and have been extremely impressed with the quality and performance of their products. At Cardiff Snowcraft they instill decades of experience in snowboarding, design, engineering, and construction into the equipment we want to ride. The result is unparalleled. Unlike any other snowboard manufacturer they offer all snowboards in a splitboard option in either a BOUNDARY, ENDURO or PRO CARBON build. They've done this so not only can you find your dream ride but also your dream build. The splitboard design allows for easy touring and backcountry access, and the board itself is incredibly lightweight and responsive. The Snowboard design allows for hard charging lines and incredible float and function.

One of the main benefits of the Cardiff Snowcraft lineup is its versatility. From deep powder turns in the trees to steep spines in the alpine and hard pack corduroy runs, the Cardiff Snowcraft lineup has a board for all conditions. The Splitboards can be easily converted from touring mode to ride mode, making it a great option for those who want to explore off-trail terrain. The split design also allows for a more natural and efficient stride while touring, making it easier to cover long distances in the backcountry.

In terms of ride performance, the entire Cardiff Snowcraft lineup is top-notch. Their boards are incredibly responsive and easy to maneuver, and have a smooth, stable ride. One tester, who is a real car guy, equated the Cardiff lineup to hyper cars. 'If these boards were cars, they would be Bugatti, Ferrari and Lamborghinis.' We also found the boards to be very durable, with no signs of wear after a season of use.

New this season the Lynx is quickly becoming a favorite choice for pow days in the trees. With an amazing surfy feel this board carves, floats and pops as well as its higher end relatives showing the Boundary Build design is on par with the rest of the lineup.

Overall, we highly recommend the Cardiff Snowcraft lineup of Splitboards and Snowboards to anyone looking for high-quality, versatile boards for backcountry touring and riding. The boards are lightweight, responsive, and durable, making them an excellent choice for both novice and experienced riders.

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